we make videos

As a team of digital storytellers, we believe the most powerful means of customer conversion is not only connecting your audience with your product, but connecting them with your heart. We do this through the power of video.

Eldur LLC
Columbus, Georgia, USA

video. motion.

sound. branding.

We're a Columbus, GA based video production company focused on crafting professional video assets that ignite your business' growth.
The best aspect of our business is the clients we're privileged to work with. From the local real estate agent to the global television network, we help our clients refine their brand, articulate their vision, and communicate their service in the most meaningful way possible.

With over twenty-five years experience in multimedia content creation, our passion is and always has been the art of telling stories. Today, with the help of modern tools, we're helping businesses and entrepreneurs of all types project their message into the digital world. People are hungry to hear your story and it's our joy to make that happen.